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EL RUBIO LOCO GianCarlo Pioli (November, the 13th, Scorpio)

Starts his artistic career as a Latin American singer and composer in the Nineties.
Songs such as BACHATA DE AMOR, GOZALO, MORON, LIBRE, SALSATON and many more have been met with remarkable international success and are still among the "bailador" audience favorites. Defined the father of the ITALIAN LATIN STYLE by the specialized press and by the best Latin American music Djs, El Rubio Loco has been Latin Artist of the year 2003 in Italy and with the album GOZALO has peaked in several international charts.


In May, 2004, El Rubio Loco has toured Cuba and, under the aegis of the Cuban Ministry of Tourism, has filmed the videos of the songs GOZALO and MORON. In November, 2004, he has taken part in the Salsa World Congress in NY and NJ, in the US. In June, 2005, his second album LIBRE, which once again has topped the European charts, has been released. In 2007, his single SALSATON and in 2008 a new single including the tunes SALSA ITALIANA and the new bachata-pop titled MUÑEQUITA (BAMBOLINA in the Italian version) have been released.


In 2009, his third album "Voglio Scoprir l'America", a collection of his singles plus the salsa tune in Italian which gives the title to the album, has come out. In the Spring of 2010, the artist has founded the record label SALSA ITALIANA PRODUCTION and has released his new CD “Agua Fresca”, which he has fully produced.


Coming soon a new single with two new songs: "DESPIERTATE", a new salsa with a modern and very unique sound and "ME DIGAS" a new romantic bachata-son.


Several songs by the artist have been featured on a series of compilations with a worldwide distribution and on the DVD collection "Ballando con le stelle", published in 2006 and edited by DE AGOSTINI y RAI TRADE, together with Ballandi Entertainment y F.I.D.S. (Federazione Italiana Danza Sportiva).


El Rubio Loco is currently performing in discos, night clubs and several events all over the world, offering a show which is unique within the genre, with lots of music, excitement and fun.